Book club guest in Decatur for book “Claddagh Pool.”

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I recently attended a book club group in Decatur, as a guest, and discussed the book “Claddagh Pool.” The topic of shape-shifting and mysticism was discussed by a number of members. They really liked the crows and their appearance throughout the story. Also the idea of being able to shift from one level of being into another.

Before I completed “Claddagh Pool,” I¬†decided to add this whole dimension to the story and the feedback has proved to me that my decision was the right one. The agents didn’t like it, but they are not reading it. My readers like it and that’s what matters.

When I complete this trilogy¬†with “Retribution,” I am going to return to my Irish roots and write a mystical story with characters who have Celtic and Druid powers, and know how to use them.


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