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(Prompted by Pink Floyd)

What is music?
Only life performed in a series of bars, staves and chords.
The softer tremors.
The shuddering base notes.
Gilmore’s solo piercing tighter notes to take you there and bring you back to
Wish you were here.
Sometimes you are not and want to be elsewhere, to turn away.
Some never leave their fogged security and watch, frozen in place as the last car leaves the silent dilapidated station of their lives.
Another riff and you are transported to a new level of cognition.
Another cadence drives home the chords of life’s idiosyncrasies.
Relax. Recharge and let the silent chill surround you.
Or blast your brain to higher levels of color and vibration.
Is there anybody out there?

© Denis Hearn. 2017

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