The group of eight

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A table set with expectation
Welcomes sitters in the afternoon.
To eat perhaps or maybe more,
To stir words around a special space.
General talk at first
About food or how did you make the sauce.
Of freedom being outside on the porch.
Dishes disappear with space made by concentrated elbows
To move about now liberated from silver and napkins.
Words begin as comments flow
Around the space.
One leads, others follow.
Some with mirrored answers.
Others with a more distinctive voice.
A topic pushed out perhaps to see where it lands.
Discussed maybe or drowned out by another.
The timbre continues as evening draws around
The huddled players.
Another drink, an added piece of ice
Adds volume in each swallow of the drink at hand.
One turns to speak or take the floor with pointed interruption.
Or perhaps a newer topic with more force of definition.
The hum of conversation drones on into the welcoming night.

Denis Hearn 2015

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