The process of writing and acquiring agents.

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What do writers do when they receive a response from an agent that reads:

Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to read a sample of your work.  I enjoyed reading what you sent, but I am afraid that after much consideration I am going to have to pass on it.

The agent gives no reason, no feedback, no opinion.

The writer takes these comments in stride and forges on with their work. If you as a writer have a thin skin or don’t like rejection, don’t sit down and write. Be a critic instead. Everyone is a critic but without writers there would be no critics.

As a writer you are your own critic and need constructive criticism. That’s where a writers’ critique group comes into play. After months of constructive criticisms and rewrites, your work gets better, more polished and then you resend it to an agent. Will they read it? Will they contact you for more?

Yes. That’s just the way it works in the hard world of getting published.

If you are a writer. Don’t get discouraged. Keep going. Persistence and polish will win the day.

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